Saturday, October 15, 2016

Late Night Food Run

Being a Saturday, there's only one thing that is even open for consideration in regards to breakfast foods. When you live in a house that has a store that sells fresh baked cinnamon rolls, you simply can't not have a cinnamon roll for breakfast. 

And what's a cinnamon roll if you don't have some nice cold milk to wash it down? Well, a cinnamon roll, technically. But the milk just elevates the overall experience.

I found a little tiny Reese's cup in the fridge. Mine!

And I was still so enthralled with the ramen noodles that I made more today! I couldn't help it! They're delicious, they're cheap, and they're fast to make as well! Dream dinner right here!

And speaking of dream dinner, Jack had himself quite the feast as well.

Later in the night, Sidney and I were talking and somehow we came to agree that a late night food run was necessary. She took the opportunity to hit up Sonic while I set my sights on much bigger goals.

Her Sonic bad paled in comparison to my McDonald's bag.

That's because inside my McD's bag were 50 chicken nuggets. Let's do the 50 nugget challenge!

I added a small fry because variety is the spice of life!

I had some honey and some ranch to help the nuggets go down a little easier, especially toward the end.

And down they went. One after the other, the nuggets disappeared. I'll be honest, I only ate 49, but that's because I so graciously donated one to Sidney for her own enjoyments. I had a bite of her burger to compensate for the loss in nugget mass.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Today, I Revisited My Childhood

No, the double chocolate banana muffins are not reminiscent of my childhood. But they are a big part of my present! Another breakfast done right!

What is incredibly reminiscent of my childhood, though, is the good old fashioned package of ramen noodles that we all know and love.

The stereotypical diet of broke college students everywhere, I came to know and love them at a much younger age. It seems like there wasn't a day to go by where I wouldn't ask my mom if we could make "noodles" as I called them. Well, Sidney had just for whatever reason gotten a big pack of these noodles, and we decided to make some today.

I used my age old tried and true technique for maximum flavor, and even though I had practiced it in years, it worked like a charm.

This was a throwback to my childhood on the same level as those cupcakes were. But these are arguably better.

They were so good, in fact, that I couldn't help but make another batch.

Looks like they're ready!

That is just straight delectableness right there!

These noodles really are a win-win because they taste so good and they're so cheap relative to most foods. Score!

And speaking of scores, I found this beautiful bag full of beauty.

Oh, yes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm Losing Body Parts

Not having a chemistry lecture in the morning is like Christmas. You know what else is like Christmas? Having a double chocolate banana muffin for breakfast, that's what.

Having another slice of leftover pizza with a couple more chicken thighs isn't half bad, either.

It's especially not bad when you have some ranch to go along with your pizza!

You know what else else is like Christmas? Having cake...

...with plenty of ice cream!

Now is when the interestingness starts. Apparently, my body was so unaccustomed to playing tennis that when I started playing again, my poor little footsies could handle it. Eventually, the skin on my toes just up and quit on me.

A little later, we noticed that we didn't have that many sharks or peach rings left.

Instead of fighting to the death as I suggested, we ultimately mutually decided to divide them evenly. I got half of what was remaining and Sidney got the other half.

All's well that ends well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Everyone is HUNGRY!

I'm just getting back into the swing of things, so excuse me if it takes me a little while to reacclimate. That being said, I had a delicious blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning. 

I then got to watching my cute little pet jumping spiders. Turns out, they were hungry too! First, I watch as Ruth fed happily on the moth I had given her last night.

Then, I watched as Jack likewise took pleasure in eating his mealworm.

Feeling left out, I decided that since they were eating, I should be eating too! I grabbed a couple of gummi blue sharks.

But I also wanted a couple peach rings.

So I got both! Problem solved!

For dinner, I toned it down a little and had a salad.

I also had some leftover chicken thighs and a slice of pizza that was leftover from several nights ago.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Just a Good Day

This last day of Fall Break meant that I had one more day to do as I please. I decided that I would meet Sidney for lunch. We decided that anytime we decide to eat out just the two of us we should try to eat somewhere we haven't yet been. In line with this new goal, we decided to eat at McAlister's Deli.

I got something I believe was called "The Big Nasty" which was roast beef covered in gravy  with cheddar jack cheese. I got a side of mac and cheese.

This was actually, despite its name, very good for what I was expecting. I was impressed.

On the way back to Sidney's work, I spotted a BMW i8. Not my favorite car, but its rare and exotic enough to catch my attention.

And then, only a few minutes later, I spotted an Aston Martin Rapide. And though it's a four door, it's still an Aston Martin, which means it's still a beautiful car.

I then stopped by a couple oak trees on KU's campus by the tennis courts to collect some acorns that were just beginning to fall from several big white oak trees.

This was a leaf from of the trees.

And this was a leaf from another.

The bounty:

Sidney and I then went on a walk, and we stumbled across this little bro:

I'm not sure what his deal was, but he looked to be troubled in some way.

But it was a really beautiful day for a walk in the country. It's one of the most relaxing things there is. Nothing but the peace and quiet and beautiful scenery really does wonders for stress relief.

When we got back home from our walk, we cooked up some chicken thighs...

...and three cheese macaroni.

I had a cookie and milk for dessert.

How best to sum up today? It was just a good day.