Non-bro Interests

Besides my hobby of being a bro, I also enjoy photography, I play tennis, and I'm incredibly interested in cars (admittedly a little broish).

A while ago, I got a digital single lens reflex camera, and I was hooked. I'm still hooked. Photography is a big part of my life, and as an art form I feel as though it is virtually limitless.

My tennis roots are 8 years deep. I picked it up my first year of high school after never having owned a tennis racquet before. I picked it up fairly quickly and by the time of my last year I was number 1 on the team. I watch professional tennis religiously, and my favorite player is the best player of all time, Roger Federer.

The passion for automotive history, performance, and design is significantly different than a general interest in cars. Certain cars represent a kind of hand-made craftsmanship and precision that cannot be replicated in mass production. These kinds of cars are works of art, and should be treated as such.

I'm also engaged to the most beautiful person in the world, both inside and out.

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