Bro-ography and Bro-losophy

I'm Zach, and I'm NOT a basic bro... but I like to act like one occasionally. I'm currently a college student pursuing a biology degree, and in my spare time I like to pick stuff up and put stuff back down. My place on the bro index obviously peaks when I'm at the gym, where I can occasionally be spotted sporting a cutoff or wife beater. But don't worry, I don't beat wives and I'm not just there standing in front of the mirror flexing. I'm just trying my hardest to blend in with the rest of the brohood.

But like every other bro in the gym, I'm trying to get huge while staying small. The pursuit of infinite gains is what drives every bro at the gym, and like my high school strength coach once so poetically taught me, "Ya gotta eat big to get big." And, just like that, there I had it; the secret of life had been revealed. I knew what I had to do. To achieve my dream of getting big, I had to lay it all on the line. I had to eat BIG.

So now I knew what I had to do, but I still had to figure out HOW to do it. You see there's a right and wrong way to do most things. I'm sure the same is true for eating big and getting big, and there, precisely, is where the discipline of Broscience comes in. Broscience can be defined as the methodology of gains, and no real knowledge of biology or physiology (or any science, for that matter) is required. In fact, a solid scientific background may, in practice, be detrimental to one's understanding of Broscience. It may lead to questioning of common practices, like supplementation and over-training. But with my mix of actual science and Broscience blazing my path towards bigdom, I can only hope that gains may come my waaaaaayyyyyyy.

And so, eating big is what the first several months of this blog will chronicle, and I'll call this period Phase I. But common sense (uncommon?) dictates that one cannot simply eat big forever and not be obese. Because, you see, there's a very important difference between getting huge (hyoooooge) and getting fat (read: obese). Getting huge and getting big and "gains" all refer to gaining muscle mass. And to gain muscle mass you need a calorie surplus. Hence, eating big. And yes, eating big will also lead to some excess fat, but that will be taken care of in Phase II. Read on.

After the period of eating big to get big (see: hyoooooge), there will come a time where it is necessary to shed some excess fat. That's where the whole Phase I eating big to get big mantra gets thrown out the window, over the cliff, and into the ocean, never to be seen again (until next fall). Phase II is the exact opposite of eating big to get big. Phase II laughs in Phase I's face. Phase II is about eating small to get small. But small doesn't mean losing muscle (in theory). In Phase II, calories are restricted, but this isn't a starvation kind of deal. I'll figure out about how many calories I burn in a day and eat about 80% of that, mostly in brotein (protein). This is the tried and true method of fat loss and muscle maintenance.

For example:

Using this method, last summer I went from 182 lbs total body weight at 13.9% body fat at the beginning of June and by mid-July I was at 168 lbs at 10%. I ate about 50% of my calories from brotein during this time, and tracked my calories with a fitness application. I'll perform the same basic steps this year, and see what happens. Here we gooooooooooo!!!

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