Thursday, August 25, 2016

National Burger Day!!!

Heck yes! This is a National Holiday that I can get on board with! Granted, it's a UK thing, but no matter! Technicalities matter not when burgers are forecast! 

But first, and for the second day in a row, I remembered to have breakfast! This morning, I shared breakfast with my beautiful pet jumping spider Ruth. 

Why Ruth, you ask? Great question! First, not being able to actually tell, I assume my spider to be female. Second, since this is a jumping spider, I decided to name her with the likeness of Ruth Beitia, the Rio 2016 Olympic High Jump gold medalist. Seems fitting to me, so there we have it.

Throughout the school day, I purposefully refrained from eating anything else in preparation for the burgers that were to come later. When I got home, Sidney was just about to leave for a babysitting gig, so I decided to wait for her. In the meantime, bad things happened. I spotted some old candy in the fridge and decided that it really needed to go. I started with some almond M&Ms.

I then had another plastic egg full of them.

Then I found some old Reese's cups that were had far outstayed their welcome. They simply had to go.

Then, I noticed some aging prunes and chocolate covered pecans in the cabinet, so I delighted in their eviction as well.

When Sidney finally arrived back home, I got down to business.

The burgers were mixed with chopped onions and an egg for binding.

For the assembly, I started out with toasted Hawaiian buns and spread a layer of Boursin on the bottom bun.

Then on went the Velveeta covered burgers.

Then I added some raw onions for flavor and texture.

Then I spread some mayonnaise on the top bun.

And that was it. Not too fancy, but not too basic either.