Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Wedding

This morning, I headed in to the Winter Farmers' Market to help Sidney deal with the hoards and hoards of people. And trust me, there was not a shortage of people this morning!

And look at these dishrags so prettily arranged!

And, being a Lawrence Farmers' Market, that means that there were breakfast burritos to be had!

After a while at the Market, I had to leave to head up to Mound City to attend my Grandma's wedding reception. One of the first things I found upon arriving was cake!!

It looked good, but I couldn't help imagining how it tasted...

But I restrained myself...for now. This was possible largely because it was time to eat dinner!

There were a lot of good foods, including some brisket, pork, fried chicken, corn, cheesy potatoes, and rolls.

There was also punch! I still don't know why it's called punch, but I can honestly say I've never wanted to punch anyone while drinking punch!

This is my plate compared to my dad's plate. Does he even get huge?!

This is some more punch, alongside some sparkling grape juice.

And, finally, it was time for cake! I got one piece each of white and chocolate.

I then had a fancy chocolate.

It had liquid gains on the inside.

When I got home, Sidney and I headed over to her parents' house, where we were again treated to some ice cream.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Crunchy Chicken Cheddar Wrap!!!!!

It's Stop Day, and with no classes, I didn't have to eat any brotein since I didn't really need my brain today. I started the day off with a bowl of mandarin orange salad. 

I then drove in to the union to get my cap and gown, and while I was there, I treated myself to a crunchy chicken cheddar wrap. I deserve this.

When I returned home, I found a ton of muffins.

A literal ton of muffins.

Seriously, a TON of muffins.

Oh, and this little Frankencookie.

Unfortunately, all these muffins weren't for me. Sidney was preparing for the Winter Farmers' Market tomorrow.

We were then invited to dinner at Aladdin Cafe. About 30 seconds after the invite, I was already there. I was so excited that I jumped so high that when I landed, I was right outside of Aladdin Cafe!

We started off with some appetizers. This included some hummus and pita/naan...

...and some raja dip with deep fried pita/naan.

I also ordered some lentil soup because delicious.

I then got a gyro meat and hummus plate, because delicious.

I ordered some more pita/naan, and constructed the Dream Bite:

But why didn't I just order a gyro? Quite simply, I like to more accurately control the ratios of hummus, gyro meat, and pita/naan in each bite. This is the easiest way to do just that.

And if you know anything about Lawrence, you know that Aladdin Cafe is right across the street from Sylas and Maddy's. Given the applicable law of the universe, we headed there next.

This was a very good way to celebrate the end of my classes at KU.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good Day

What made today a good day? Was it my breakfast? Nope; I didn't have breakfast. Maybe it was lunch. Nope; I also skipped that meal, too. So, what made today a good day? Well, quite simply, it was my last day of classes at the University of Kansas. Wow. I stopped to take in the moment in the building that has been my home away from home for the past year and a half, Haworth.

When I got home, I was in a celebratory mood. Coincidentally, Sidney had combined some peanut butter and chocolate chips, and I was all over that! I love this girl! She can read my mind like no other!

I then finished off the rest of the leftover chicken noodle "soup" that is really no longer soup thanks to me boiling off all the water. Oops! It still tasted good, though.

Sidney and I then shared a bowl of popcorn.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

First Snow!

As I was preparing to drive to class this morning, I was shocked when I opened the blinds to see snow! I guess I haven't been paying that much attention to the weather.

I then grabbed a muffin (aka best breakfast) and headed out the door...

Dang it! I then had to postpone my muffin consumption to brush the snow off of my car. This was not a welcome turn of events.

When I got home from school, Sidney offered to make dinner:

What a wonderful sandwich! It was piled high with salami and cheese.

Then, Sidney and I ate some ice cream that we found in our freezer. Mine was this one:

And yes, I ate it all. One can not simply stop eating ice cream until it is gone. It's impossible. I know, I've tried.

I then needed something a little salty to offset all that sweet. Cheesy popcorn was the perfect snack to accomplish that.

Yummity yum yum!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Throw Back!

Today was a throwback to brotein bar breakfasts of olde. It was kind of a relief, to be honest. 

And, also a la times of olde, I didn't eat again until dinner. But when dinner did roll around, I found something very tasty.

Sidney had taken the leftover vegetables and chicken thighs from quite a while ago and made a sort of chicken noodle soup out of them. And I'll be darned if this wasn't the best chicken noodle soup I had ever had. It was thicker, I suppose, than traditional soup, but that's the why I like it!

I added some bread since there weren't already enough carbs.

I always need more carbs!

Monday, December 5, 2016

At least I had a little Brotein

Since the last thing I ate yesterday was mandarin orange salad, I spent all night dreaming about it. And when I woke up this morning, I was still dreaming about it. The only thing to do, therefore, was to have some more for breakfast. 

When I got home from class, I warmed up some leftovers from Thanksgiving. There was plenty of turkey and noodles.

But hey, at least I'm eating at least some brotein! It's not all carbs for once!

But, alas, I had to have some carbs!

And then, predictably, I had more.

I also got some bread with butter, because bread and butter.

And to top the day off, I ended it as I had begun it.

But like I said, at least I had some brotein!