Saturday, November 26, 2016

How to Eat 20 Cookies in 2 Hours

Today was the combination of Thanksgiving with Sidney's dad's family and Sidney's grandpa's 80th birthday. As such, it wasn't really a traditional Thanksgiving. There was cake, there were Sidney cookies...

There were other appetizer-like foods...

 And more...

I started the day off strong with a couple cookies.

And then I had another.

And another.

Still another.

And then I had, no wait, just a couple more cookies.

I couldn't resist yet another cookie.

I actually did take a break to eat some fruit.

And I had a few crackers with cheese as well.

But let's get back to the cookies.

Let's just keep it going.

And going.

I took a break from the cookies to have some spice cake...

...with a side of cookie.

And then I had another cookie.

And then I wanted one more.

And then I wanted 4 more.

And then 3 more...

...and then 2 more...

...and finally one last cookie.

And just as I thought I was done eating after 20 cookies, people needed to get rid of some of the other foods. I graciously finished off the pinwheel dealios.

And then I ate a fair amount of these chips with this roasted red pepper hummus.

It was a good day. It was a good day.

Friday, November 25, 2016

O Christmas Tree

Getting our Christmas Tree on the day after Thanksgiving has become a family tradition for my parents and I. This is largely because this is the first day the tree farm is open, and we want to avoid as much as possible all of the trees being reserved.

Looks like we found our tree!


They always have the best hot chocolate at the tree farm! What makes it the best? Well, it's very sweet and not too hot!

My dad likes to show off by carrying a whole tree by himself.

And to celebrate getting our tree, we decided to use some coupons that my parents had.

Ahhh, it's been a while since I had eaten at PepperJax. It was good to be back.

I got the steak Philly with green peppers and onions. I also loaded up on a little au jus and some spicy ranch.

Just like I remember!

Sidney could only finish about half of hers, so she generously donated it to my huge campaign.

When we got back to my parents' house, I had some more pie and ice cream.

And then Sidney and I headed home, but not before a late night white cherry Icee run!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Huge, Part 2 (Happy Thanksgiving!!!)

Before heading to my parents' house for our own Thanksgiving, Sidney made good on her promise to my dad and made another apple pie. Unfortunately, the apple peeler/slicer had fallen out of alignment so she had to peel, slice, and core the apples by hand. But just look at that bulging glory:

A little later, we determined that the peeler/slicer wasn't entirely broken, and we were able to fix it. We tested it out on our last remaining apple:

I will say that there is something satisfying about eating a spiral-sliced apple. I don't know why.

But a little while later, Sidney's pie was done baking. It looked even better than before:

We then headed off to my parents' house, where we joined them already in the process of preparing the turkey.

While we were waiting to cook it, I snacked on some Sun Chips.

And for this Thanksgiving, we decided to use the fancy China. This becomes a key plot point later.

Also, this year we decided to try out a different method of cooking a turkey. Instead of our usual deep frying method, we tried out an "oil-less frying" method. This essentially consisted of an infrared cooker. The thing heats up and cooks the turkey from all sides via infrared radiation.

There's the turkey, preparing for blast off.

I couldn't help myself from snacking on some more chips while the turkey cooked.

This method took a fair bit longer than conventional frying in oil, but it was also far less messy and didn't require buying and then throwing away a ton of expensive oil. And after it was done, it looked pretty darn good!

After carving the roast beast, we set the table with all the yummies.

There was the turkey...

...and the stuffing muffins (with bacon) that my mom made...

...along with the requisite mandarin orange salad...

...some delightfully soft and tasty rolls...

...some noodles...

...and some mashed potatoes!

There was also some corn. It all looks so nice, and it was very nice to eat a Thanksgiving dinner with just my parents and Sidney.

With that, I started loading my plate with everything. 

But then tragedy struck between the photo above and the photo below.

To the untrained eye, the plate full of food may look similar to the plate with just the stuffing muffin and potatoes. Unfortunately, they are not the same plate. I was holding the bowl of corn and attempting to scoop out some for myself. It was hot, and because it was so heavy, I had to grip it very tightly, which only increased the effect of the heat. I was trying to find a place to quickly set it down, and I think you can see where this is going, but I involuntarily dropped the heavy ceramic bowl full of corn directly on both my big plate and the smaller plate to the left. It goes without saying that the thick ceramic bowl was fine, but the antique family heirloom plates were utterly pulverized. I kind of just sat there in shock and in sadness, trying to figure out if what had just happened had actually happened or not. To my disappointment, I began to realize that it had indeed happened. But, such is life. Happily, there were many more sets of plates, so even though it was no longer a complete set, there were still enough sets to use. My parents (maybe a little foolishly) entrusted me with yet another set of the same heirlooms, and I very cautiously proceeded to refill my plate.

I got some apple cider to go with it all, and it ended up being a happy dinner. Maybe someday I can look back at the Thanksgiving when I broke all the plates and laugh.

Soon, though, my attention was shifted away from my destructive tendencies and toward Sidney's pie. It really was a thing of beauty.

The crust was perfectly crispy and flaky.

And the apples were perfectly spiced and sweetened.

A little ice cream...

...and a little whipped cream were the perfect compliments to a wonderful dessert.

All in all, it was a very nice and peaceful day with my family if you don't include the breaking of plates. We moved on and everything was alright. It was just a great day.