Saturday, October 8, 2016

It's Slim Pickens at Slim Chickens

It was now a Market morning. Assume the position.

My mom and I then went and looked at some houses on the Parade of Homes. This was one of our favorites from a style and design standpoint.

It's a story and a half built by SAB Homes (who is coincidentally also the builder of Sidney and I's dream house).

The inside was decorated nicely as well.

Another house we visited had a bucket of candy in the office, so I helped myself!

With all the new fast food chicken places popping up in the area, my mom and I took the opportunity to try one of them out. This one was Slim Chickens. I got a combo with chicken strips and Buffalo wings (seriously, I have a problem) with fries and Texas toast.

I'll say that I wasn't impressed. To be honest, I really couldn't even taste the chicken strips. The winds were alright, but I think that was solely because of the sauce. The best part of this meal was quite literally the bread. This is unfortunate, but like I said, there are chicken places popping up all over. Off the top of my head, there's

  • Slim Chickens
  • Zaxby's
  • Raising Cane's
Plus all the other established places, like Church's, Chick-fil-a, Popeye's, KFC, etc.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Best Way to Start the Day

A double chocolate banana muffin smashed in the car moments before a chemistry lab is just about as good as it gets. 

Later, in said chemistry lab, I had the pleasure of running some very colorful samples via TLC.

See how pretty? I'll bet that you'll never guess what these different colored compounds are.

After my long day in the lab, I had a brotein shake to lift my spirits.

When I got home, I found a giant loaf of bread, and that really lifted my spirits. Seriously, if you're ever feeling down for any reason, try eating some bread. It works like a charm.

I paired this bread with some leftover hot wings from a few days back. What a great dinner! At this point, I think I may be turning into a piece of Buffalo chicken.

I had my ranch with me, and I was ready to go. Full gains ahead!

I supplemented my salty dinner with some sweet peaches.

And some more orange soda from that day at Mass Street Soda. I had the orange one.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Maybe I'm actually from Buffalo...

The next day wore on and on, and finally I had my brotein bar in the middle of my fourth class of the day.

It was a great little boost to get me through that last class.

I was then informed that we would be eating at Johnny's tonight, to which I jumped with glee. Guess what I ordered.

Yep, I got the chicken strips Buffalo style with fries. Surprise, surprise.

I also got some ranch and some mayonnaise. You know, mayonnaise is surprisingly good on fries and buffalo chicken strips. Seriously, you should try it sometime.

Just about everyone else had ordered pizza, and when they inevitably had leftovers, I was there to save the day.

We waited until we got home to have dessert, because when we did, it was cake and ice cream!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maybe I should move to Buffalo...

To stay on the track of cutting back, I didn't even eat breakfast this morning. I went to Sprouts after school, and the candy corn looked particularly inviting. And since it's October, I decided that I'd go ahead and get some. 

I was then about to leave to meet my parents for dinner at the Legends, so I grabbed a handful of candy corn, admired the sunset for a minute, and then hit the road.

I met my parents at Danny's Bar and Grill. We started off with some fried mushrooms with ranch.

There's fungus amongus! (I had to, sorry)

Then, I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich Buffalo style with ranch. Sound familiar? Good. This is almost the exact same thing I got at The Cheesecake Factory 2 days ago. The difference here is that it also came with bacon! By this point, it should be obvious that I really enjoy Buffalo chicken-themed foods.

And it came with onions, too!

I poured on the Buffalo sauce and ranch, and I wasn't shy about it either.

That's a beautiful thing, and just look at that toasted bun!

We also got some macaroni and cheese, which was also good. But the sandwich was just as good if not maybe a little bit better than the one from 2 days ago.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cutting Back (a little)

Okay, after all the eating I've been doing, it's time to cut back a little. Let me start with a single brotein bar.

Then let me go all day without eating anything else.

Then let me have a salad for dinner.

And let me just have a little bit of leftover roast to go with my salad.

Seriously, this is all I ate all day. It was weird.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shiny Things!

Still reasonably full from yesterday's eating adventures, I had a simple brotein bar for breakfast.

After my ecology lab, I was driving home when I saw the first shiny thing of the day.

Sidney and I then headed to Shane Co. to pick up her newly detailed ring. It's amazing how it sparkles when it's clean! This was the second shiny thing of the day.

And since we were already in Overland Park, we might as well take advantage of the situation.

They brought out the bread, which quickly disappeared.

So they brought out some more bread! It didn't last long either.

Without even looking at the menu, I ordered what I always order. Crispy chicken sandwich with pepper jack and Buffalo sauce, sweet potato fries, and a whole lotta ranch.

Unfortunately, they confused Swiss cheese for pepper jack, and they didn't give me nearly enough ranch. But as soon as the ranch situation was corrected, it was still very good.

On the way home, we saw the third and final shiny thing of the day.

It was a Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Running on Empty - Applefest and Cake Eating!

A few hours later, after having slept on the couch for maybe an hour or so, I woke up. Yay. If I fell back asleep now, I knew I would likely sleep until noon or later, so I got up and had a quick covert breakfast of some cake scraps and surplus icing. I then proceeded to wash the 9,000,000 dishes and pans etc that I had used to make the cake. 

I then supplemented the cake scraps with a few Oreos.

Sidney and then drove to Weston for their annual Applefest. Already distracted, I stopped to look at a new Volt...

...and a C6 Corvette in the parking lot.

Soon enough, though, and Sidney had torn me away from the automotive distractions. After having missed them last year, this year we went straight for the apple dumplings.

It's literally a whole apple spiral cut and covered with pie crust served warm with ice cream and some sugary sauce. All this equates to a wonderfully sweet and delicious apple pie-like delight.

We then browsed the many vendors' booths that were set up along the streets of downtown Weston. I found this sign particularly pleasing.

And this one too.

We then headed back to the food court area where there were food trucks as far as the eye could see.

I settled on some boneless buffalo wings, which were surprisingly good. They had the perfect combination of flavorful breading and flavorful sauce that was just the right amount of spicy. They were cooked perfectly and were generally very good.

We also got some of the popular "ribbon fries" that several vendors offered. They were good too, being essentially fresh potato chips.

I then followed yet another unbreakable rule of the universe. This rules states that if a funnel cake is available, one must get a funnel cake. One was, so I did.

This ended up taking me about to my limit of fullness. I wanted to eat no more food after that funnel cake was gone.

We then perused some of the stores in Weston. I found this little squirrel to be quite odd. Like why would a squirrel even want to go fishing??

After a while of going through the different shops, getting soap from one and some jam from another, Sidney and I headed back to my parents' house. There was a Chiefs game tonight, so for dinner we ordered hot wings from Hooters.

These are still my favorite hot wings. They're breaded and the sauce is really good. I know that they aren't traditional Buffalo wings, but they're just so good. I've grown up on these wings. We've been getting them for almost as long as I can remember.

Ain't they purdy??

I got 7 wings and some fries...

...and a bowl of ranch, of course!

Now, normally, I would start off with 8 or so wings and then go back and get 8 or so more, but today I was still relatively full from the Applefest food, plus I knew we still had cake to eat!

So, without further ado, I present the cake!

Oh wait, I think it's missing something.

There, perfect! With the decorating finally complete, it was time to cut it! As mentioned earlier, there was Chiefs game tonight, so in light of that, the theme of this cake was...

...yep, Chiefs! You're so smart.

Personally, I think it turned out very nicely, thankyouverymuch.

With the crusting buttercream frosting, it was incredibly sweet and rich. So I added some ice cream! I went with a cherry ice cream that actually went very well with the (not)white cake.

And with that, the day was over. This was a good way to end the day.