Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Busy Day

It was an early morning. The Farmers' Market demands it. But the early morning provided me with I thought was a beautiful sunrise. Those clouds tho...

I always get a kick out of looking at all the muffins. This is mostly because I just want to eat them all. And then there're the brownies...

But soon enough I had something that I actually could eat. Here goes...

After the Market, I met my parents at the annual downtown Lawrence car show. Here are some highlights:

We then headed in to Mass Street Soda for some refreshments. I had a craving for something orange, so:

We then headed south and west to dine at El Potro. We started off with chips and salsa because that's another unbreakable rule of the universe.

I got a burrito with rice and beans.

It was good. And even though we weren't eating on Mass, we still ended up at Sylas and Maddy's. I was feeling a little fruity today, so to complement my usual Da Bomb, I got strawberry.

No explanation needed.

Friday, September 23, 2016

I Licked a Wrapper

Yes, it's true. I'm a wrapper licker. But I had to. I mean, I would've lost a lot of brotein if I hadn't. 

Let me explain. 

You see, I didn't have time to eat breakfast before school this morning, so I grabbed a brotein bar to go. When it came time for lunch, I excitedly dug the brotein bar out of my backpack.

You see, the only problem was that is was a very hot day. Unfortunately for me, things tend to melt as temperatures increase. Just ask water around 0 degrees C. My brotein bar was no different. I opened it up to find this:

There looked to be like half the bar still left in the wrapper. This was unacceptable. The easiest and least messy way to remedy this situation was to lick the wrapper. So I did. I REGERT nothing!! On a side note, warm brotein bars are actually quite delicious.

When I got home, I had yet another half of a cookie.

For dinner, we went to Johnny's. Always a good time. Always a huge time. Well, sort of. Not that huge.

We started off with some chips and cheese dip. I didn't have that much.

Then it was time for the main attraction. I ordered what I always order. Chicken strip basket Buffalo style with ranch and french fries. Oh yes.

Such a beautiful sight they are to behold:

And they're even more enjoyable to eat!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cream Cheese Best Cheese

In light of my carb intake over the last few days, I decided that a brotein bar would make the perfect breakfast today.

And the perfect lunch.

But once I got home, I realized that I was just being silly. I realized that I was just overreacting, so I delighted in enjoying a cinnamon roll.

And some pumpkin gummies. (On a side note, Sprouts has the best gummy candy I've ever had. It's just so soft and it tastes amazing)

Then, feeling a tad lazy, I decided to bake up a Home Run Inn pizza. This isn't the mark of ultimate laziness, though, since these pizzas are so good.

Also, I wasn't as lazy as possible in that I decided to draw inspiration from gourmet pizza places and add a special ingredient.

Oh yes, cream cheese. I don't know why I never thought of this before, but that doesn't matter. I know about it now. I shall now take advantage of this newfound knowledge.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but cream cheese is just good. I mean, it's good on bagels, it's good on crackers, it's good as a frosting, it's good as a cake, and now it's good on pizza. Seriously, cream cheese just seems to make anything and everything better.

I got three slices of pizza...

...and some three cheese macaroni and cheese.

You know, I know this isn't exactly a gourmet home-cooked meal, but let me tell you it's hard to beat a meal like this. It's just so easy and so tasty.

I even got a little crazy toward the end.

I actually toned it down for dessert. All I had were a few lemon heads.