Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another Day of Eating Light

Eating a lot of food for consecutive days can really wear a bro down, so it was nice to take yet another day off from eating big. The other thing I have to consider is that I've got a pizza challenge coming up in 2 days! I need to be as empty as possible at 1300 on December 30th. So for breakfast, I had two Slim Jims.

Then, for dinner, I again went light, this time with almost entirely carbs (and a little butter).

I had some mandarin orange salad and a couple sliced of bread with butter. I also had some apple juice to drink.

A little later, Sidney and I split the gift that I had attempted to give in Sidney's mom's family's gag gift exchange a couple days ago.

Apparently, the recipient wasn't too thrilled with their gift and subsequently left their gift behind. I took it back, and Sidney and I had the last laugh as we enjoyed eating the perfectly good and fresh marshmallows.

Sidney and I then decided to eat our Reese's Peanut Butter Trees.


But even with these King Size peanut butter trees, I still ate pretty light today. I'm getting psyched for this pizza challenge. It's only a couple days away now!

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