Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Sort of Day Off from Eating

After having eaten like royalty for what seems like the past month, I had a strange desire to reign it in a little. To help jump start this, I had a brotein bar for breakfast.

And then went and helped bag up some corn.

Yes, these are 50 lb bags. I did 60 of them, so it's pretty much like I lifted 3,000 lbs. I'm SWOLE!!!

Unfortunately, my mental capacity isn't quite up to the level of my Greek God physique. When sewing the bags shut, I actually sewed two adjacent bags together. Aren't I cute?!

I then picked up some leftover lasgana and cheesecake from yesterday. When I got home, I partook in the consumption of some lasagna...

...and some cheesecake.

And, before you ask, no, I did not have any whipped cream with my cheesecake yesterday. I wanted to judge the flavor of the cheesecake unassisted by anything else. With the baseline, today I wanted to assess the effects of the addition of whipped cream on the perceived flavor of the cheesecake. Well, I can report that, although it doesn't make the cheesecake taste any better (the cheesecake tastes great by itself), the combination of the cheesecake and whipped cream create a fabulous flavor when mixed in the proper ratio. And without going into to much detail, the proper ratio involves a hefty excess of whipped cream. This is more than what is pictured above. The reason for this is that, relative to whipped cream, which has a big air component, the density of the cheesecake means that for any given volume of food, the cheesecake will have a stronger flavor. This, therefore, means that for every bite of cheesecake of a given volume, the volume of whipped cream must be much greater.

See, not too much detail.

Later, for a snack, Sidney broke into the Ferrero Rocher.

I'll admit that hazelnuts aren't my favorite thing in the world. I'm not even that big of a fan of Nutella. I realize that this makes it impossible for me to be a true Italian, but everything else Italian I'm fine with! In all honesty, I much prefer the wonderfully smooth Lindt Lindor truffles, on which I almost overdosed a couple years ago.

But after the chocolaty hazelnut snack, Sidney and I tore into our Nerds Ropes. It bears repeating: this is one of my favorite candies.

That's over a foot of happiness, right there!

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